Ageing of cerebral arteries and caloric restriction : Study of molecular and functional changes of calcium signaling in smoothmuscle cells in C57BL6/J and SAMP8 mice

décembre 2012 Directeur(s) de thèse : Jean-Luc MOREL Résumé de thèse

During aging, cerebral arteries undergo structural and functional changes, particularly in smooth muscle cells (SMC). SMC is responsible for maintaining vascular reactivity via calcium signaling involving different actors and can regulate two phenomena: contraction and relaxation. These actors regroup channels (CCVD, RYR, IP3R) calcium pumps (SERCA, PMCA, NCX, STIM / ORAI) and their regulators (PLB, FKBP12.6, TRPP2, SARAF, TRIC). Caloric restriction (CR) appears as a factor in delaying aging and its pathologies. Our work is strongly involved in the study of calcium signaling in SMC, focusing on genomic and functional alterations during aging of cerebral arteries in mice C57BL6/J. We were able to demonstrate an altered calcium signaling, which is partly through modulation of gene and protein expression levels of calcium channels and pumps involved in this phenomenon, and a functional change in terms of calcium signals and contraction. After 5 months under RC, it was highlighted a slow calcium signaling alterations associated with aging and a decrease of SMC oxidation by SAMP8.