26 October 2017

Inauguration of the Ginesislab common laboratory

Ginesislab: a common laboratory to optimize the use of biomedical imaging data

The Groupe d’imagerie neurofonctionnelle de l’Institut des maladies neurodégénératives (GIN-IMN) and the Fealinx company inaugurated on this October 23, 2017 the Ginesislab common laboratory whose objective is to develop a computer platform for biomedical imaging data management. A new tool for researchers studying the variability of brain organization, which will also, through automatic analysis of imaging data of thousands of individuals, provide biomarkers, and ultimately predict risks of pathology.

Analyzing the biomedical images of thousands of individuals to understand the variability of the organization of the brain, and differentiating the normal from the pathological, is one of the research areas of the GIN -IMN. To manage and make the best use of some large database, the GIN-IMN chose an industrial tool, a PLM (Product Life Management) software, relying on a specialist in the integration of this type of system, the  Fealinx company. This collaboration, initiated in 2013, through the ANR Biomist project, made it possible to adapt an industrial data management platform to the medical domain. It continues with the creation of a common laboratory, Ginesislab, which is supported by the ANR over 3 years.

The Ginesislab will develop methodologies for the creation of biomarkers based on raw imaging data. In addition, the goal is also to set up user interfaces that will facilitate researchers’ access to this database “, says Marc Joliot, researcher at GIN-IMN and co-director of Ginesislab. For its part, the company Fealinx, which provides the computer development part of the platform, wants to expand its offer by creating PLM tools for the medical, with a focus on the rise of personalized medicine.


The ceremony opened by the director of the IMN took place in the presence of the President of the University of Bordeaux, the Director of the Life Sciences Institute Frédéric Joliot CEA, the representative of the Aquitaine delegation of the CNRS, the Deputy Director of Fealinx, as well as representatives of ANR and SATT Aquitaine.