5 June 2019

Towards a reproducible research

For a researcher, there is nothing more frustrating than the failure to reproduce major results obtained a few months back. The causes of such disappointments can be multiple and insidious. This phenomenon plays an important role in the so-called “research reproducibility crisis”. This book takes a current perspective onto a number of potentially dangerous situations and practices, to examplify and highlight the symptoms of non-reproducibility in research. Each time, it provides efficient solutions ranging from good-practices that are easily and immediately implementable to more technical tools, all of which are free and have been put to the test by the authors themselves. With this book written during a book sprint, students and engineers and researchers should find efficient and accessible ways leading them to improve their reproducible research practices.

Keywords : reproducible research ; research transparency ; open science ; replication crisis ; open source ; open data ; data sharing ; data reusability ; standardization ; book sprint

The book “Towards reproducible research: Changing your practices” (in french only)

is available in free access

Authors: Loïc Desquilbet, Boris Hejblum, Arnaud Legrand, Pascal Pernot, Nicolas Rougier

Nicolas Rougier is a researcher in the Mnemosyne team.