9 April 2019

Mental health, education, brain aging: IMN researchers discuss them in Périgueux

A series of Film Conferences “Neuroscience in Debate” is being organized this spring 2019 at the CGR cinema in Périgueux by the association Ciné Cinéma, in which three researchers from the Neurofunctional Imaging Group (IMN Team 5) are participating.

The principle of these meetings is to propose a scientific conference for the general public on a theme followed by a screening of a feature film related to this theme.

The theme of mental health was thus addressed on March 28, 2019 with the conference entitled “The vagrancy of thought and the contribution of meditation through neuroimaging studies” led by Emmanuel Mellet, research director at the CNRS, followed by the screening of the documentary “Voyage en pleine conscience” by Marc J. Francis and Max Puch.

The theme of education will be addressed on April 10, 2019 with the conference “Aspects of Brain Maturation and Plasticity. How do learning shapes our brains” led by Laure Zago, researcher at the CNRS, followed by the screening of the animated film “Vice-versa“.

The theme of normal and pathological ageing of the brain will be addressed on 15 May 2019 with the conference entitled “Structural changes in the brain during development: ageing and neurodegenerative disorders” led by Fabrice Crivello, Director of Research at the CEA, followed by the screening of the film “Du miel plein la tête” by Til Schweiger.

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The “Neuroscience in Debate” Film Conferences are organized with the support of Cap Science Bordeaux, MGEN 24 and the region Nouvelle Aquitaine, as well as with UNAFAM Dordogne and Heartfulness Périgueux for the 28 March conference, with UNSA-Education 24 for the 10 April conference and with Cassiopea and France Alzheimer 24 for the 15 May conference.