16 September 2015

Matière à décision

7 months after its release, Thomas Boraud talks about his book “Matière à décision” (CNRS Editions):

This is a error, underlined by teleologic philosophy, to think that our brain is built to be rational. The decision making process have gradually emerged from neural networks governed by purely stochastic principles. The evolution has favored the emergence of learning ability that does not completely correct their random nature.Even if the system becomes more complex and acquires capacities of abstraction with the appearance and development of the cortex in primates, the result is a suboptimalsystem according to economic criteriaHowever, this alleged irrationality may be just the price to pay to retain a high degree of adaptability is the main hallmark of the human species.

(The Book is written in French)

Where to find it?

CNRS Editions: http://www.cnrseditions.fr/biologie-science-de-la-terre/7051-matiere-a-decision.html
Mollat bookstore in Bordeaux: http://www.mollat.com/livres/boraud-thomas-matiere-decision-9782271081186.html
FNAC : http://livre.fnac.com/a7788678/Thomas-Boraud-Matiere-a-decision