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We are a multidisciplinary research team gathering scientists from various domains: mathematics, medical imaging, nuclear medicine, signal processing, psychiatry and cognitive neurosciences. Our research attempts at understanding the determinants of brain network that underlies cognitive functions.

We investigate the cognitive, behavioural, genetic, and brain morphological/functional underpinnings of the human brain hemispheric specialization (HS). We work on neuroimaging cohorts of healthy volunteers in order:

1-to determine how the two hemispheres are differentially involved in a given task, how HS  variability is associated with cognitive functioning and how gene shapes HS. To this aims, we have acquired the Brain Imaging of Lateralization by the BIL&GIN (Brain Imaging Lateralization & GIN) database of 453 healthy participants;

2- to characterize the neural support of the late maturational stages of healthy brain within the frame of the i-Share cohort of students’ health conducted by C Tzourio. We are currently acquiring brain anatomical and functional images in 2,000 students of Bordeaux University.

The GIN research activity revolves around six thematic axes :

  • Exploring the rules for the setting up of the different hemispheric specializations.
  • Hemispheric specialization and cognitive skills.
  • Relationship between manual preference, lateralization of communicative gesture & lateralization of language (Collaboration with H Cochet, Univ. Toulouse and with A Mergueditchian, CNRS, Univ. Aix-Marseille).
  • Comparison of left and right hemispheres integrating anatomical, resting-state and task-induced related organization.
  • Unmasking cognitive networks and their lateralization from intrinsic connectivity.
  • Genetics of brain lateralization (Multiple collaborations with Dana, ENIGMA consortium; C Francks, MPI Nijmegen; Ml Carreiras, BCBL, San Sebastian; H Adams, Erasmus Univ. Rotterdam).


Research axes

  • Language

We are exploring the rules underlying the setting up of HS by the co-investigation of the networks involved in the production, reading, and listening of words and sentences.

  • Spatial attention

We pursue the key issue to characterize the variability of spatial attention HS and identify the anatomo-functional markers and explanatory factors.

  • Motor representations

We are investigating how the lateralization of motor systems is reflected on the neural bases of motor representation involved in motor imagery and how it interacts with specific human skills ( symbolic gesture and tool use that define praxis).

  • Resting-state connectivity

We are studying the inter-individual variability of the whole spectrum of functional networks in the framework of the intra- and inter-hemispheric organization supporting HS.

  • Statistical neuroanatomy

We are developing tools to identify the hemispheric and inter-hemispheric anatomical supports of HS and to automatize their quantification for cohort imaging in spite of the large inter-individual anatomical variability.

  • White matter connectivity

Our objective is here to assess the structural connectome, i.e. the architecture of the brain’s connections, in each individual with diffusion imaging-based tractography to provide information on the intra- and inter-hemispheric patterns of connectivity and their association with grey matter and task-induced functional markers of HS.

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