19 May 2017

IMN presents its recent results at NeuroFrance 2017

The NeuroFrance 2017 Congress took place from May 17th to 19th  at the Palais des Congrès in Bordeaux. The IMN was featuring many scientific posters during the 3-day event. You will find these posters below by themes.

Development, synaptic plasticity

P1-034   P2-009   P2-034

Signalisation, cellular communications

P1-039 P1-040 P2-052 P3-042 p3-059


Neurological and psychiatric diseases, experimental therapeutics

P1-072 P1-081 P1-112 P1-115 P2-089 P2-112 P3-075 P3-077 P3-079 P3-090  P3-103

Integratie neuroscience, sensorise physiology

P1-124 P1-139 P2-128

Behaviour, emotions, cognition, neuroethology

P2-193 P3-177 P3-197

Theoretical and computational neuroscience

P2-204 P2-207