3 September 2015

Symposium Globus Pallidus

Organised by Jérôme BAUFRETON and Nicolas MALLET, researchers of our laboratory, a symposium on the globus pallidus, on September 17th and 18th.

Location: CGFB, Functional Genomic Center of Bordeaux

September 17th and 18th, 2015

Free registration on the following link;  http://doodle.com/vtnwt5h7vhmwa98h#table


Thursday 17th
9.15-9.30: Introduction
9.30-10.15: J. Baufreton, (Bordeaux, France) – Electrophysiolocal properties of molecularly-distinct GP neurons
10.15-11.00: P. Magill, (Oxford, UK) – Neuronal substrates and functional importance of population dichotomy in the external globus pallidus
11.00-11.30: Coffee break
11.30-12.15: N. Mallet, (Bordeaux, France) – Electrophysiological signatures of cellular diversity in GPe
12.15-13.00: I. Bar-Gad, (Tel Aviv, Israel) – Basal ganglia disinhibition, a common factor underlying multiple movement and behavioral disorders
13.00-14.30: Buffet
14.30-15.00: B. De La Crompe (Bordeaux, France) – Functional implication of GPe in basal ganglia network dynamics
15.00-15.45: R. Schmidt, (Freiburg, All) – Role of GP in basal ganglia dynamics during movement initiation and suppression: from electrophysiological data to computational modeling
Friday 18th
9.30-10.15: M. Chazalon, (Bordeaux, France) – Modification of GABAergic synaptic transmission in GP in Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease
10.15-11.00: E. Valjent, (Montpellier, France) – D2R-expressing neurons in the Globus Pallidus: who are you?
11.00-11.45: A. Benazzouz, (Bordeaux, France) – In vivo dopamine control of the globus pallidus