22 October 2020

IMN’s researchers granted by ANR

Eric Boue-Grabot  for P2XforALS: P2X4 receptor as a key factor and biomarker in ALS  (in collaboration with Sandrine Bertrand (INCIA, Bordeaux) & Gwendal Le Masson (Neurocentre Magendie, Bordeaux)) and for Purple Pain with Pascal Fossat new tools to indentify the roles of P2X4 to target  psychiatric comorbidities induced by chronic pains (collaboration with Lauriane Ulmann (IGF, Montpellier) & Thomas Grutter (CAMB, Strasbourg))
Olivier Nicole for CHAIN : molecular determinants of behavioural changes induiced by ketamine at nanoscopic scale (collaboration with Julien Dupuis (IINS, Bordeaux) & Alain Gardier (Paris-Sud/Saclay))
Arthur Leblois for Sleep basal ganglia-cortical dynamics during sensorimotor learning » (in collaboration with Nicolas GIRET, Paris Saclay)
Frédéric Alexandre pour FCoBioPro : biomimetic control of prothesis from residual movements and contextual information (in collaboration with Aymar de Rugy (INCIA, Bordeaux), Eric Lapeyre (HIA Percy) and Rémi Klotz (UGECAM tour de Gassies))
François Georges pour MAC : mesolimbic circuit of anxiety (collaboration with Sebastian FERNANDEZ , Université Côte d’Azur)
Erwan Bézard for NEURAGE De-repression of L1 retrotransposons – the missing link between neurodegenerescence and aging ? (collaboration with Julia FUCHS (Collège de France, Paris).