15 March 2019

IMN taking part in the creation of the International Association for Comparative Medicine (IACM)

Comparative medicine is a new interdisciplinary subject in the application of laboratory animal science in basic medicine, pharmacy and clinical medicine. It takes human diseases as its object and human disease animal model as its tool to compare and study the similarities and differences between different species and different types of animal models, to compare with the occurrence, development and prognosis of clinical diseases in order to promote human health and disease fundamentals, which will provide accurate animal models and information for medical research.

At present, many Universities and Research Institutes have established departments of comparative medicine and institutes of comparative medicine. However, up to now, no special academic organization for comparative medical research has been established in the world.

To further promote the discipline development and international collaboration of comparative medicine research, the International Association for Comparative Medicine (IACM) is proposed to be established under the joint initiative of relevant units/individuals in the world. The aim of IACM is to promote communication among international comparative medicine researchers, build a research platform for international information exchange of comparative medicine research, and jointly promote the development of comparative medicine research.

Pr. Chuan Qin, Institute of Lab Animal Science, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing, China is the first President of the IACM and IMN is a founding member of this new international organization.

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