6 May 2016

Excellence Initiative of University of Bordeaux confirmed

The Prime Minister decided to definitively confirm three IDEX, including IdEx Bordeaux.

Indeed, IDEX « A*MIDEX (Aix-Marseille) », « IDEX BORDEAUX » and « UNISTRA (Strasbourg) »are confirmed and will receive unlimited period of annual funding that had been granted to them during the initial selection in 2011/2012.

The jury has proposed the final confirmation of IDEX where he felt that the dynamics of constitution of a research university with international standard was clearly engaged and had obtained convincing results, and that this process was irreversible. This proposal is accompanied by recommendations to actors supporting their dynamic of transformation.

Confirmation of IdEx Bordeaux involves a “final devolution” of the non-consumable endowment at the rate of 3.41% which was allocated to them in 2011/2012, ie € 700 M€ of non-expendable endowment and 23,9 M€ of annual interest.

Read here the interview of Mr. Manuel Tunon de Lara.