19 December 2016

A final pre-delivery visit

The President of the University of Bordeaux, Manuel Tunon de Lara, and his team – Dean Lewis, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors; Pierre Dos Santos, Vice-President in charge of Research; Serge Dulucq, Vice-President for Heritage; Hélène Jacquet, Director of IDEX’s Future Investments Mission – visited the new building with Daniel Choquet (IINS / BIC), Erwan Bézard (IMN), Christophe Mulle (Bordeaux Neurocampus), Cédric Lopez  (IINS), Céline Véga-Roïatti (IMN), François Tison (IMN Clinique), Elisabeth Normand (IINS) and Christian Gross (IMN), for the final pre-delivery stages.

This friendly visit aimed to make this magnificent tool better known to our community and to pay tribute to the presidential team for its unwavering support.