15 March 2017

Seeking for a Post-Doc in the Ginesislab

Post-Doctoral opportunity in Data sciences and Neurosciences

Ginesislab is seeking a post-doctoral researcher to carry out research on the extraction of phenotypes from brain imaging data (structural, diffusion and functional MRI). This post-doc will have to develop and validate these approaches using different cohorts (BIL & GIN, i-Share, UK-BIOBANK, Human Connectome Project). He or she will initially be responsible for overseeing the analysis and performing validation tests to characterize the variance and reproducibility of the phenotypes calculated for each subject and each cohort. In a second phase, this post-doc will work on methods for predicting the anatomo-functional organization of an individual by using classification methods such as support vector machine, random forests or deep learning using phenotypes identified in the first phase. In addition to publishing this work in leading international journals, the main objective is to transfer technology to the company.

What is Ginesislab?

Created under the aegis of the ANR-supported Joint Public-Private Laboratory program and supported by the CEA, Ginesislab associates an academic laboratory, the Groupe d’Imagerie Neurofonctionnelle (GIN) specialized in neurosciences, and Cadesis specialized in the deployment of information systems. The main lines of research are: 1) integrated management of brain imaging data processing, design and automation of local calculations or remote computing centers; (2) the development and integration of statistical methods for the analysis of intra- and inter-cohort variability in order to classify and detecte the healthy and pathological determinants of the anatomo-functional organization of the human brain.

Requested knowledge?

The candidate presenting a curriculum dealing with “computer sciences data” or “neurosciences” will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
• Competence in medical imaging and processing of anatomical and functional images;
• Competence in applied mathematics / statistics, multivariate analyzes, classification and prediction;
• Knowledge of development methodology and programming languages (knowledge of Matlab, Python and their environments will be appreciated);
• Rigor, autonomy and curiosity to get involved in a multidisciplinary and multi-team project;
• Good communication skills in English (oral and written).

To be eligible, the application must include:

  • A complete CV integrating the candidate’s experience as well as his/her academic training;
  • Letters of recommendation from people who can support the candidate;
  • A detailed and personalized letter of motivation for the position;
  • The candidate’s publications (PDF format).

Candidates will be evaluated by analysis of their application and an interview by the co-directors of Ginesislab.

Contact persons:

  • Marc Joliot, GIN-IMN, marc.joliot@u-bordeaux.fr
  • Philippe Boutinaud, Cadesis, pboutinaud@cadesis.com

Location: IMN, Bordeaux, France

Post-doc start: as soon as possible

Duration: 2.5 years (annualized contract)

Salary: ≈2000€ net/month depending of scientific experience